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Head Office House No. 154, DOHS - II Gujranwala Cantt. Phone: 055 3865 572 Email: Base Office Opposite NLC Complex Chenab Road Gujranwala Cantt. Phone: 055 3830 056 Email:
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Frequently Asked Questions
Answers   to   some   of   FAQs   are   given   below,   if   you   don’t   find   answer   to   your   question   on   this   page,   please   feel free to contact us through emails. We shall make endeavors to respond to your emails as soon as possible.
Question: Which type of files are available?
Answer: 1 Kanal (500 Sq Yds) and 10 Marla (250 Sq Yds) files are available.
Question: From where can I purchase files?
Answer:   Presently   DHA   Gujranwala   is   not   dealing   in   files   directly,   however,   files   are   available   with   real   estate   dealers   in   the   open market .
Question: Are commercial files available?
Answer: For now only residential files are available, commercial files/ plots will be available in due course of time.
Question: When will development phase start?
Answer:   At   this   point   of   time,   procurement   of   land   is   in   process.   Development   phase   will   start   immediately   after   procurement   of   land completes. Dates will be announced later.
Question: What are the visiting hours of DHA Gujranwala?
Answer:   For   purchase,   transfer,   hiba   of   files,   obtaining   NOCs,   NDCs   etc,   visitors   are   welcome   to   visit   DHA   Head   Office   from   0930   hours to   1600   hours,   Monday   through   Friday.   For   convenience,   it   is   however   advised   that   a   prior   appointment   may   please   be   sought   on telephone/ through emails.
Question: Are different forms and documents available for downloads?
Answer:   Yes.   You   can   download   almost   all   forms   and   documents   required   for   transfer,   hiba,   membership   forms   etc   from   our   downloads   section by clicking here .