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The   member   (allottee/   transferrer)   desiring   to   transfer   his/ her   plot   or   part   thereof   or   his/   her   share   in   DHA   shall   have to   personally   appear   in   DHA   office   before   Director   Transfer and   Records   or   any   officer   authorized   on   his   behalf,   shall present following documents: - A    letter/    application    addressed    to    secretary    DHA requesting   for   transfer   of   allotment   of   his/   her   plot   or any part thereof or his/ her share in DHA. Original   allotment/   transfer/   allocation   or   intimation letter    shall    be    submitted    for    relinquishment    and cancellation   so   that   new   letter   be   issued   in   the   name of transferee. An   affidavit   on   a   Rs.   50/-   non-judicial   stamp   paper duly     attested     by     Oath     Commissioner     regarding transfer of plot. Photocopy     of     CNIC,     both     of     transferrer     and transferee, duly attested. No    Demand    Certificate,    site    plan    and    possession letters    shall    be    obtained    by    the    transferrer    before transfer. Completion     certificate     in     case     of     constructed properties. Clearance   from   Cantt   Board   regarding   TIP/   Property Tax/ House Tax. In    case    of    mortgaged    property,    redemption    deed, cancellation    of    General    Power    of    Attorney,    bank clearance   letter,   and   original   permission   to   mortgage issued by DHA. In   case   of   court   case,   certified   copy   of   court   orders regarding dismissal of the suit/ vacation of stay. In   case   of   guardians,   original   copy   of   guardianship certificate,    certified    copy    of    permission    to    sell    the property   and   approved   draft   of   sale   documents   by   the guardian judge.
Cutting   and   over-writing   in   the   contents   or   documents   will not   be   accepted.   Partially   handwritten/   typed   papers   will   not be accepted.
Transfer Procedures
In   order   to   obtain   NDC   the   member/   allottee/   owner   of   the   plot   has   to apply    personally    or    through    his/    her    representative.    NDC    shall    be prepared   after   endorsement   by   Director   Building   Control,   Legal   Advisor, Transfer   Officer,   Record   Officer   and   finally   by   Director   Transfer   &   Record. Accounts   Branch   will   prepare   the   NDC   after   clearance   of   all   the   dues required   to   be   paid   by   the   seller   including   transfer   fee   before   the   time   of execution of transfer.
To Obtain NDC
Following procedure shall be adopted: - To   ascertain   and   know   about   the   amount   to   be   paid   the   member/ allottee   /   owner   shall   make   an   application   in   writing   personally   or through his authorised agent / property dealer to Account Officer. Account   Officer   will   get   the   print   out   from   the   Computer   giving   all the   dues   including   the   transfer   fee,   if   so   requested   to   be   paid.   This print    will    be    in    quaduplicate.    Dues    will    be    deposited    in    the authorized bank.
Find Out and Deposit Dues Transfer Execution
Seller/   Purchaser   will   personally   appear   before   the   transfer   officer.   Three signatures   be   affixed   on   the   application/   forwarding   letter   submitted   by the   seller.   He   will   sign   and   put   his   thumb   impression   on   transfer   register   in front   of   transfer   officer.   Purchaser   will   sign   and   put   his   thump   impression on   transfer   register   and   on   undertaking   submitted   by   the   purchaser.   Finally they   both   (Seller   and   Purchaser)   are   photographed   and   purchaser   will   affix finger print in biometric system for record / future verification.
Cancellation of Transfer Documents
Documents   for   transfer   of   plot   /   property   once   executed   by   transferrer   and transferee   can   be   cancelled   within   30   days   of   the   execution   or   so   in extremely   genuine   cases   in   the   presence   of   both   the   parties   before   the Director   Transfer   &   Record   after   recording   the   statements   of   both   parties. In   case   of   cancellation   of   such   documents   membership   /   transfer   fee already deposited will not be refunded or adjusted for another transfer.
Please Note Members Living Abroad
The   members   living   abroad   and   desiring   to   transfer   their property   may   appear   before   the   Officer   authorized   along with    a    set    of    papers    (received    from    DHA    through    a representative/   GPA)   in   the   Embassy/   High   Commission   for attestation.   The   Officer   attesting   the   documents   will   indicate serial   number   of   the   documents   at   which   the   same   are entered    in    the    register    maintained    in    this    context.    The original   copy   of   the   documents   shall   be   sealed   in   an   envelop by   the   officer   attesting   these   documents   and   sealed   envelop shall   be   handed   over   to   the   person/   member   executing these    documents.    On    receipt    of    these    documents    the owner/   transferrer   shall   forward   the   same   directly   to   DHA. On    receipt    of    the    sealed    envelop    containing    original documents,   the   officer   appointed   by   the   DHA   shall   satisfy himself   that   the   seal   of   the   envelop   was   intact   and   no tampering    of    the    documents    was    attempted    or    caused during   the   transmission.   The   photocopies   of   the   documents presented   in   the   sealed   envelop   will   be   forwarded   to   the same   Embassy/   High   Commission   &   the   owner/   transferrer for    verification    of    attestation.    As    soon    as    DHA    receives verification     from     individual     and     the     Embassy/     High Commission,   the   transfer   of   allotment   will   be   processed. After   completion   of   the   other   requirements   like   clearance   of dues,    statements    of    the    authorized    agent    of    the    seller regarding   acknowledgement   of   receipt   of   the   sale   price   of the plot, the transfer will be executed by the transfer officer.
Members Suffering from Physical disability
Any    member(s)    desiring    to    transfer    his/    her    plot,    if    suffering    from    a disease   or   physical   disability   and   not   allowed   by   the   Doctor   to   move   out, shall   make   an   application   to   the   Secretary   requesting   for   the   transfer   of his/   her   plot   alongwith   a   certificate   issued   by   the   Doctor.   On   receipt   of such   application,   Secretary/   Director   Transfer   &   Record   may   allow   the execution   and   completion   of   documents   described   above   in   the   manner   he deems   fit.   The   expenses   for   traveling   of   representative   from   DHA   Office   to the   residence   of   member   and   back   and   the   charges   endorsed   by   DHA   shall be borne by the transferrer or transferee.
Members Under Legal Restraints
Any   member   owning   a   plot   in   the   DHA   and   desiring   to   transfer   his/   her plot,   if   placed   under   a   legal   restraint   or   confined   in   jail   for   a   long   period, may   apply   to   the   Secretary   for   transfer   of   his/   her   plot.   On   receipt   of   such application   the   Secretary   may,   if   satisfied   with   the   contention,   allow   the submission   and   transmission   of   documents   through   the   Superintendent Jail   or   the   Officer   in   whose   custody   the   tranferrer   happenes   to   be.   The officer   who   shall   issue   a   certificate   for   transmission   of   transfer   documents to   his   office   under   his   signatures   and   office   seal.   The   transfer   affidavit shall also be attested by the said officer.
Associate Membership Form
Associate   Membership   Form   duly   completed   in   all   respects,   affixed   with two    passport    size    photographs    will    submitted    to    Transfer    Branch, alongwith deposit slip of membership fee
Urgent Transfer
Urgent   transfer   can   be   carried   out   within   one   day,   if   seller   or buyer   agrees   to   make   the   payment   of   Rs   34,000.00   as urgent   transfer   fee,   however   it   shall   not   be   applicable   on constructed buildings.
Urgent Transfer Letter
Urgent   transfer   letter   will   be   issued   on   next   working   day   to   the   buyer   if   he or   she   agrees   to   make   the   payment   of   Rs   9,000.00   as   urgent   transfer letter fee.
Receipt of Transfer Letter
After   approval   of   the   transfer   /   allotment,   the   transfer   letter   shall   be   issued in   the   name   of   purchaser   within   fifteen   days   of   submission   of   the   transfer documents   in   the   DHA.   Transfer   letter   shall   be   handed   over   to   the   owner/ purchaser   after   obtaining   his   signatures   with   full   particulars   on   the   office copy of the transfer letter.
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