About Us

DHA Gujranwala is a project based on progression, practicality and conventional living in the Golden Industrial Triangle. It provides returns for the general public and investors alike making economic prospects supremely favorable in the region by uplifting housing experiences and increasing value of land, substantially making it an ideal location for settlement and investment.

Our Mission

The mission of DHA is to provide the historic and culturally rich city of Gujranwala with an aesthetically futuristic living system through the incorporation of profound educational, health , corporate and recreational facilities.We envision our future urban dwellings to be contemporary, green, friendly and to be in harmony with our socio-cultural traditions.

Aims and Objectives

  • To develop a contemporary urban lifestyle for our residents.
  • To provide up to date international living standards.
  • To assist our residents and stakeholders with fundamental municipal conveniences such as health, education & entertainment facilities.
  • To ensure provision of enduring infrastructure for the facilitation of the people.
  • To inaugurate an exemplary education city.
  • To guarantee a healthy and green living environment.
  • To build up a socio-cultural thread by linking people.
  • To endorse religious concord by providing public worship places.

Our Location

DHA Gujranwala is the only DHA project to be located on the Main GT Road. It is situated in the heart of the Golden Industrial Triangle providing important routes and resources. The location of the project is such that it offers access to industrial zones and agricultural land along with comprising spacious residential and commercial areas making it an ideal place for living.

Our Team

Operations at DHA Gujranwala are managed and conducted under the close supervision of our directors which are allocated different departments.

Lt Col Ahmed Raza Sial
(Project Secretary)

Lt Col Azmat Abbass Khan
(Addl Dir Coord)
Col Sajid Azeem
(Dir Infra)
Col Adnan Ahmed Khan SI (M) (Retd)
(Chief Engineering)
Col Javed Iqbal (Retd)
(Director Marketing)

Col. Imran Khurshid (Retd)
(Dir Land)
Col. Masood Ul Hassan (Retd)
(Dir Transfer & Records)
Lt. Col. Habib Nawaz Khan (Retd)
( Addl Dir IT)
Lt Col Adeel Ahmad (Retd)
(Addl Dir Records)

Lt. Col. Adil Yaqoob Warraich TI (M) (Retd)
(Dir Security)
Lt. Col Ghulam Rasool (Retd)
( Addl Dir Transfer & Record LHR)
Lt. Col. Kafeel Zubairi (Retd)
(Addl Dir Land)
Maj. Zahid Hafeez Ullah (Retd)

Maj. Syed Musawar Ali Shah (Retd)
( Addl Dir V&CC)
Maj. M. Imran Warraich (Retd)
( Dy Dir Legal)
Maj Muhammad Amer Iqbal Dar (Retd)
(Dy Dir Transfer)
Maj Saeed Ullah Khan (Retd)
(DD Transfer)

Maj. Hafeezullah (Retd)
( DD Horticulture)
Maj. Muhammad Ishaque Khan (Retd)
(Dy Dir Mkt)
Maj. Tariq Mahmood Tahir (Retd)
( Dy Dir Transfer)
Maj M. Ahsan Ahmad (Retd)

Qazi Nisar Ahmad
( Addl Dir Electric Services)
Mr. Toheed Rasool - ACA
(Addl Dir Finance )
Sibtain Abid Cheema
(Dy Dir IT)